A Taste Graph for each fashion retailer and a Taste Profile of each fashion shopper

We help fashion retailers understand and manage products and shoppers. We build:

• A Taste Graph for each Fashion Retailer;

• A Taste Profile of each Fashion Shopper;

• An Ontology inclusive of all fashion concepts.

We build a Taste Profile for each of your shoppers

A Taste Profile summarizes the taste of an individual shopper, what clothes she has in her closet, and what are the drivers behind her purchases.

We register taste-related data of each individual shopper, and convert it into clean, structured and correlated data.

Spotify and Netflix also build Taste Profiles for each of their users. This data allows them to automate and improve a number of services.

At the Fashion Taste API, we follow the same approach, in fashion. Read about Taste Profiles.

Your Taste Graph is Your Personalization Engine

We build your Taste Graph.

Your Taste Graph contains the intelligence generated by your shoppers and their interactions with your products. It is trained to assign descriptors to your products and your shoppers. It is your unique Omnichannel Personalization Engine.

We patented our Taste Graph Technology in 2013, and we’ve perfected it since then.

By building your Taste Graph, you are retaining that intelligence and building the competitive moat around your business that will help you delight your shoppers, with true personalization. Read about your fashion taste graph.

100% Fashion focus, with our Vertical Machine Learning Approach

After 10 years working on understanding fashion taste, we have a profound understanding of the matter, we provide a full-stack fully-integrated solution, and we own a unique proprietary dataset extremely difficult to replicate.

We’ve applied machine learning to automate two very specific processes that we’ve considered game-changing:

• Capture and understand shopper’s taste data

• Deliver personalization on top of taste data.

Read about our Vertical Machine Learning approach.

Next-Gen Omnichannel

What will Shoppers Taste Data teach you?

  • Understand your shoppers with Taste Profiles;
  • Build a moat with your Taste Graph;
  • Focus on exponential growth.