5 Examples & Videos of Customers Interacting with Omnichannel personalization solutions

The experience of customers interacting with clothes in omnichannel fashion retail


We currently offer 5 end-to-end personalized omnichannel solutions for fashion retail, in which customers can be interacting with clothes, and obtaining a unique shopping experience.

  • 1. Digital closets
  • 2. In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist
  • 3. In-Store Outfit Recommender
  • 4. Smart Fitting Rooms
  • 5. Product and Outfit recommendation for websites, apps, and smart in-store screens

#1 OMNICHANNEL EXAMPLE: Customer Interacting with a Digital Closet in Omnichannel retail?

We've built the technology platform, the infrastructure and the interfaces to offer Digital Closets to your shoppers, also known as smart wardrobes Technology or virtual closets. This retail technology can be offered as a shopping experience with the clothes in your catalogue or with the clothes in the customers virtual wardrobe, in your ecommerce platform, in your apps or elsewhere. View the customer interacting with the omnichannel retail solution in the video above, and read here about the technology to build a Digital Closet and its infrastructure. Read our Manifesto on the Future of Fashion Retail.

#2 OMNICHANNEL EXAMPLE: How does a customer interacts with an In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist?

An In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist is a unique omnichannel shopping experience in which customers interact with your ecommerce directly from their bedroom. Also called smart screen or smart mirror, the automated personal stylist provides personalized shopping recommendations of outfits and clothes, because it knows the taste of the shopper, and what clothes she has in her closet. You can read here all the details about the In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist.

#3 OMNICHANNEL EXAMPLE: IN-Store Outfit and Clothes Recommender

In the video above, a woman shopping in a physical store points at a blouse with her mobile phone, and the personalized solution recommends her how to match that blouse with other clothes she has in her closet, instantly. The ecommerce retailer receives the information about this shopper showing interest in the specific product, and shopper can make better shopping decisions, and the experience is seamless. Read here about the In-Store Outfit Recommender.

#4 OMNICHANNEL EXAMPLE: A shopper interacting with a Smart Fitting Room

You can see how a shopper is trying our a Smart Fitting Room, which helps her make shopping decisions. The Smart Fitting Room tells her how she can combine the garment with the clothes she has in her closet at home. You can see the details of the Smart Fitting Room here and learn how to use it in your ecommerce.

#5 OMNICHANNEL EXAMPLE: Product and Outfit recommendation for websites, apps, and smart in-store screens

A truly personalized omnichannel experience shows shoppers the clothes they are most likely to buy, regardless of where they access your collection from. Please view here all the details of Product and Outfit Recommendations: Complete the look recommendations; Similarity-based Suggestions; and fashion recommendations for personalized general browsing.

What is Omnichannel Personalization in Fashion Retail?

At the Fashion Taste API, we define omni-channel personalization as the approach by which a fashion retailer displays its collection personalized to the specific shopper, regardless of the channel used by the customer to access the catalogue of clothes: app, website, physical stores, bedrooms, smart screens in corners, and more.

We place a special emphasis on customer interaction and we've build unique customers interfaces.

The list of clothes each shopper sees will be personalized to the specific shopper, and will depend on her tastes, her behaviour and the clothes she has in her closet. An interesting example that you see above: a shopper can scan a product in your physical store and within milliseconds, receive ideas on how to combine that garment with the clothes she has in her closet.

Omnichannel -- also spelled omni-channel -- is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they're shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in a brick-and-mortar store.

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