In-Store Outfit Recommender

Matching your clothes, with clothes you are about to buy

WHAT IS THE In-Store Outfit Recommender?

The In-Store Outfit Recommender helps shoppers understand how a product they are about to buy, matches the clothes in their closet at home.


In the video above, you can see our colleague Maria looking at clothes at a physical store, and how the In-Store Outfit Recommender recommends what outfits she can create with the clothes in her closet and the garment she is about to buy.

The device reads the QR, extracts the images, and sends the selected image to our system where a Deep Learning algorithm extracts the descriptors of the garment. These descriptors are then sent to our Taste Graph, in charge of identifying how to best combine the new garment with the clothes in the shopper's closet. (Note: We do not develop our own image recognition algorithms, it is not our focus. We use 3rd party algorithms).


We provide the complete infrastructure to fully offer In-Store Outfit Recommenders to your shoppers.

  • 1. Our Digital Closet Technology that you can read about it here.
  • 2. Product and outfit recommendations combining the clothes in a closet and your collection.
  • 3. We offer an API and a Dashboard. Our Dashboard helps business teams to fully understand Smart Fitting Rooms. In the Dashboard, they view the specific clothes that are being captured, what outfits are being suggested, and participate in the decision making process with a complete understanding and sense of control.


This In-Store Outfit Recommender, together with our Smart Fitting Room, the Digital Closet Technology, and the In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist, are the 4 current consumer-facing expressions of our data solutions, our omnichannel retail solutions. Read a brief summary of the 5 omnichannel examples of customers interactions.

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