Your Fashion Ontology

Convert your clothing taxonomy into a fashion ontology


We build your Fashion Ontology: your list of descriptors describing your products.

The characteristics of your ontology will be:

  • The ontology contains clothing and non-clothing descriptors;
  • The ontology contains descriptors used by your organization, and by your shoppers;
  • Descriptors are classified in categories, types, properties and more;
  • We capture the correlations among your descriptors as defined by your products and your shoppers.

Your Fashion Ontology is a tool that contains the organized and correlated descriptors that define your products, in the terms that are relevant for your organization and your shoppers.


The Fashion Taste API main focus has been about the search for structure, in the unstructured world of clothing classification.

Once we learnt about clothing classification, we learnt that purchase drivers go well beyond clothing taste, and we gave a structure to those as well. So, believe us, we love clean and structured data that our algorithms can work with.

shoppers' unstructured input

Despite of the above (or because of the above), we have found amazing value in shoppers' unstructured input. This input are descriptors that you would not expect your shoppers to be using when interacting with you.

We've learnt that people refer to their fashion needs in ways that are very different to how retailers do. Also, the type of taxonomies that fashion retailers tend to have cover mostly product descriptions. But drivers of purchases are related to other factors: products, occasions, influencers, brands and trends. You can read about it here.


The Fashion Taste API gives you easy access to a categorized list of all descriptors that people use in your web/app... that you don't have in your taxonomy. This input might come from the search box, or voice input in you have it, or any other field where shoppers write or say something unstructured.

You'll love the learnings, we promise.

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