Our fashion ontology

Our tool to understand products AND people

The origins of our Ontology

As we wrote in our Taste Graph Personalization Technology, via our consumer apps, we have received millions of described outfits, the described clothes in millions of closets, and hundreds of millions of what-to-wear queries from people trying to decide what to wear. We originally built our Ontology to understand this input.

What is our Fashion Ontology?

Our fashion ontology is our tool to understand products and people: it goes well beyond assigning descriptors to clothing. It has a very strong emphasis on describing people.

Our ontology today is the classification of descriptors needed to define a fashion product and a shopper's need, in terms that are relevant for shoppers, for retailers and for data scientists. It contains the vocabulary used by people and by fashion retailers, with an understanding of how these descriptors are used together. Our ontology covers all aspects related to fashion purchase drivers: product properties, occasions, brands or influencers, or trends: It is formed by +2500 unique concepts and a few hundreds of thousands of descriptors.

We care about::

  • The ontology contains clothing and non-clothing descriptors. Products and people;
  • The ontology contains descriptors used by your organization, and by your shoppers;
  • The ontology has several levels, descriptors are classified in categories, types, properties and more;
  • The ontology contains the correlations among your descriptors as defined by your products and your shoppers.

The backbone of our operations

The ontology is the first component required to enable the automated personalization carried out by our our Taste Graph Personalization Technology.

What services do we offer?

We build your fashion ontology, which will help you automate lots of internal processes related to your catalogue, and then it will allow you to understand your shoppers.

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