Foundational patents in capturing and understanding fashion taste

Patents expected to provide a competitive advantage

PATENTS WITH relevant market adoption

We've been analyzing fashion taste for more than a decade.

As a result, we own foundational patents in the online fashion market. An independent review of the Fashion Taste API portfolio uncovered relevant market adoption related to some of our patents.

This intellectual property powers our Digital Closet Technology, our In-Store Outfit Recommender, our In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist and other solutions.

A system to tag fashion images with shoppable products

We are all starting to see fashion images with dots on top of them, these dots enabling you to find and buy the products in the picture. This system is gaining popularity since 2016, and it was patented by us in 2013.

A system to capture and understand how clothes in outfits and closets are mixed, matched and related

In our prior work with music, we extracted relations among songs by analyzing the sequence in which people would listen to music, and by analyzing our interpretation of items. Apple later bought the systems and patents for Apple Music. We then built similar systems for personal finance, and for content-agnostic input.

With this background, we thought that an outfit was like a playlist of songs: a way to communicate that it makes sense to consume several items together. This simple concept allowed us to conceptualize the first version of our Social Fashion Graph. In 2013, we protected a system to capture and understand how people mix and match clothes in outfits and closets.

Today, the technology has evolved significantly. It captures any input in our our Ontology, which includes any concept relevant to fashion, and assigns descriptors to products and to people. We can extract all type of relations among analyzed items.

Search engine for fashion images and outfit ideas

Our initial interest was related to social tagging of images. Then, we invented more complex mechanisms to assign descriptors to clothes, outfits and people. Our IP protects a system to search outfit ideas and fashion images.

It could be a simple query such as “give me ideas to wear jeans” or a more complex one such as “give me ideas to wear my pair of red pants with my floral shirt, to go to the office in winter”, or "give me clothes that are "similar" grouped by your concepts of similarity". This is strongly related to our Fashion Taste Graph Technology.

The Fashion Taste API patents are expected to provide a competitive advantage.

The Fashion Taste API team has extensive experience building IP portfolios in the taste capturing and personalization spaces, and continue pursuing patents related to closet personalization, digital closet-based fashion trend detection, group clothing recommendations, and fashion-driven social networking.

The Fashion Taste API and Chicisimo applications are covered by U.S. Pat. No. 9,479,577, D746,300, D754,671, D778,294 and more pending patents.

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