In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist

A New Product Category in Fashion e-Commerce


The In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist helps your shoppers decide how to wear their clothes. Right in their bedrooms!


In the video above, you can see our colleague Maria asking the In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist what to wear with her black jacket, and the In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist returning that same black jacket, together with other garments that she has in her closet. 

The In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist is powered by our Taste Graph and the Alexa Platform, understands the user taste, and knows what clothes the user has in her closet. It can be programmed to be connected to your app and your catalogue, and offer the shopper unique services with her closet and your catalogue.


We provide fashion retailers with the complete infrastructure to fully offer In-Bedroom Fashion Stylists to your shoppers.

  • 1. Our Smart Virtual Closet Technology.
  • 2. Our fashion ontology connected to Amazon Alexa.
  • 3. Product and outfit recommendations combining the clothes in a closet and your collection.
  • 4. We offer an API and a Dashboard. Our Dashboard helps business teams to fully understand Digital Closets. In the Dashboard, they view the specific clothes that are being captured, what outfits are being suggested, and participate in the decision making process with a complete understanding and sense of control.
  • 5. Shopping your collection. The In-Bedroom Fashion Stylist can obviously display your collection as one of its key features, allowing shoppers to buy directly from the screen.


Omnichannel in fashion retail is like the iPhone in 2006: we are about to see a game-changing consumer experience.

Omnichannel goes way further than physical stores and apps. It is going to reach bedrooms, and this will change everything.

Without any doubt, this experience will be built on top of a Taste Graph, and on top of shoppers Taste Profiles. Read the brief summary of the 5 omnichannel examples of customers interactions.