Data audit for personalization

Understand how ready you are to implement personalization


Data auditing helps your teams understand how ready you are to implement a personalization or omnichannel project, before committing a large budget.

“Do we have enough user data to build Taste Profiles or a Taste Graph?” All our conversations with fashion retailers start with this question.

Whether you are capturing taste data or not, each shopper is telling you what motivates her purchases. Your KPIs tell you specifically where you stand.

We help you start registering the data without interfering with any of your existing processes. As easy as installing Google Analytics.


Many teams feel the urge to implement personalization or omnichannel, and we understand why. However, we encourage a data audit before committing a budget.


At the Fashion Taste API, we help you:

  1. Understand where you stand in terms of taste data, and understand the likelihood of success of your omni-channel strategy.
  2. Define Strategy and Roadmap. We help you with your intentional omni-channel strategy, and with your personalization strategy.
  3. Taste Profiles for each shopper. We build clean, structured and correlated Taste Profiles of each individual shopper
  4. Your Taste Graph. We build your taste graph with the data generated in around your shoppers, your products and the experience you offer.
  5. Our Taste Graph. The personalization algorithms will be powered by your Taste Graph, or by ours. Initially, your Taste Graph not have a large enough dataset nor the correlations to be effective.
  6. Break organization silos. Turning a personalization & omnichannel vision into a reality requires your organization to break down its silos. Silos keep business/product teams from fully understanding tech teams, and keep online channels from fully integrating with physical ones. The Fashion Taste API is a like central repo with different accesses for different types of teams (ie: API vs dashboard…).